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Beautiful Girls Drawn Into Battle
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A Bugs Fight - Bikini

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Excited... and desperate!

That's the plight of two gals when they learn their favorite performer is in town... and they have NO money for the tickets! But it's said where there's a will, there's a way, and they learn they can earn BIG BUCKS if they can defeat "BLACK WIDOW," the ass-kicking topless boxing queen! They sign up as "BUMBLE BEE" and "LADY BUG" and are ready to show off their non-existent boxing skills!

Can BLACK WIDOW handle both of them? Can THEY handle BLACK WIDOW? Will they get to go to the concert? Learn the plight of these bikini-clad gals from your RINGSIDE SEAT provided for you by the BEST friend of the GORGEOUS BOXING GIRLS... BYRON!

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