Updated 10/31/17
Beautiful Girls Drawn Into Battle
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New Leather Begins PG

Full description:
Mitzi is a sexy little redhead, short for her age but she makes up for it with a fierce determination in all that she does. And what she's doing NOW is boxing! She's great with her fists, and anxious for a shot at the Young Leather champion, Hayley.

Her manager Rick is also the league's administrator, and while reluctant to give Mitzi a title shot just yet, he does promise that if she really works over Vonda good, he'll at least think about signing her against Hayley.

But Vonda's no pushover, with an advantage of height and weight on Mitzi, and of equal skill and determination, AND a desire to have the title belt around her waist too!

It's gonna be rough for BOTH teens, but guest referee Candy is on hand to provide as much order as possible!

21 panels by LYKAMO
JPEG images, 900 x 675 pixels

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